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The Basics

As the title suggests, we are about to give you a rundown on the SEO basics. The information here should give you a reasonable understanding of what Search Engine Optimisation is and what to expect if you decide to take it up as a service or do it for yourself.

If you are looking for tutorials showing you how to do some basic SEO go here – but make sure you read all of the basics here first.

If you just want to read them from start to finish, go to the first one (What is SEO?) and when you read to the end of each article, click next.

Lets get Started:

What is SEO?
Giving you a basic understanding of what SEO actually is.

Is SEO Right for my Business?
Here we aim to help you decide whether SEO would be useful / worthwhile for your business.

SEO Costs and Timeframes
A basic rundown on what SEO should cost you and how long it might take to see results.

How SEO Works: The 2 SEO Fundamentals
The 2 main factors that affect your search rankings are explained here.

What is Local SEO?
An explanation of why Local SEO is different.