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Great content is an important element of your website, but it may go into oblivion and become invisible if your website is not promoted. But then, how do you ensure that your website is well promoted? By optimizing it to be recognized by search engines and by fulfilling the requirements of the search engines to achieve better rankings on the search engines results page.

What is SEO?

Optimizing your website means structuring it in a way that it will be recognized by search algorithms easily. For your website to be accessed by many online visitors, it needs to be at the top of the search engine’s results page. Statistics indicate that 33% of online users click on the first item in the SERP.This limits all the other related websites to only two thirds of all online users.

Basically, search engine optimisation is a game of guesses, the algorithms that are used to rank the web pages are top secret, but a few best practices will land your business at the top of the SERP and therefore increase the number of visitors to your website immensely.

How SEO helps businesses

Site that rank high in search engine results pages generally get more visitors, a factor that translates to more profits. SEO has actually leveled the playing fields for both large corporations and small businesses. It gives both these business types the opportunity to acquire a sizeable amount of the intended audience. SEO further helps businesses create more user friendly websites and attract new customers to purchase their products.

The fundamentals of SEO – content and links


Most SEO experts are in the agreement that content is king. The content operates as the ‘beef’ to a website. Without high quality content, visitors do not have any reason to visit your web page. As the algorithms are becoming more complicated, the content is taking a much higher priority in website rankings. What constitutes great content includes good grammar, and the presence of images, videos and links to other websites.

One way of keeping your content great is constantly updating your website’s blog. The blog leads to consumer satisfaction by providing the necessary information and satisfying the search engines by creating more links from other blogs and quality websites. High quality content is also likely to be shared on social media which attracts a lot of customers to the website. Every blog that is created is a webpage; a webpage increases the chances of ranking better.


Links and backlinks have been have been named the major building blocks of Search engine optimisation. Backlinks are the links in other websites that lead customers to your website. The number of these links is the greatest indicator of the popularity and the quality of your website. Search engines rank sites with more backlinks higher on the SERP. Search engines will establish the value of the backlinks by evaluating the contents of the sites linking to your page. When the backlinks come from sites with content related to your site, then your platform receives better rankings. The secret to getting more backlinks is by creating great content that other sites will want to link.

How to find a good SEO provider

Decide what you need

Do you need the provider for link building, for a onetime SEO audit, for reputation management or link removal? Determining your core need for an SEO provider is the first step towards the success of your website. Set measurable goals before getting your business involved with an SEO provider.As time goes, keep monitoring the process to determine whether the actions of the providers are in line with your goals.

Get multiple consultations

Since most SEO provider firms will offer free consultation, consult as many firms as you can to get their views on how they are going to meet your needs.

Get case studies and referrals

When doing consultations, get the SEO firm to show you a few of the jobs they have done for clients who had needs similar to your own.

Check for testimonials

Before getting your business involved with an SEO firm, it is important to first get testimonials to confirm the legality of the firm. It is also important to lead the companies into telling you stories related to their success, failures, strengths and the weaknesses.

Always put quality above price and be wary of companies promising quick results-SEO is a process and not an event.