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5 Secrets of SEO Writing

SEO is kind of like when you meet someone for the first time and you repeat his name, Bob. Nice to meet you, Bob. So what line of business are you in, Bob? SEO is a way of stitching the keyword or keyword phrases into the search engines’ minds.

Al Gore has a new rhythm.

Algorithms change. Old school SEO taught us to dump keywords into documents or have robots churn out garbage text so that those keywords alone would drive traffic to your site and send customers down your conversion path. But algorithms are dynamic and are constantly learning new ways to search. SEO today should be renamed, T-SEO: Thinking Search Engine Optimization.

Content is King

Keywords have to work within the context of the content.

You can’t manipulate copy with a shotgun approach to blasting keywords on the page. This means that you can’t be writing about SEO, and drop a meaningless phrase like, SeO, SEo, sEo into the middle of the article. Like I just did, Bob.

There is plenty of old SEO content languishing on many company websites. Managers, like Bob, however, are reluctant to remove the content for lack of having available content that drives current SEO traffic to their conversion paths.

Short term thinking yields short term profits.


There’s a rub between content that has authority for being around a long time and content that has authority because it’s actually relevant to the topic.

This analogy is like working for someone who chooses an older person’s ideas over a younger person’s ideas simply because the former has more experience. New ideas are good. The internet has taught us that young minds have plenty of authority. Microsoft? Facebook? Steve Jobs?

Ultimately, SEO is about PR or Page Rank. (If you’re not on the first two pages of Google or Bing, then well… yeah.) The authority of your content determines your placement.

5 factors in SEO Authority
1. The age of the site matters. Think wine, and keep the URL intact.
2. Sweat equity: how many other sites like or link to your site is important. (Authority from peers.) Hint. Hint.
3. History. If you’re sending tons of spam emails or if you have duplicate affiliates out there just driving traffic, the ever-changing algorithms will factor this phony volume into the equation.
4. If it’s hot, it’s hot. Traffic: what’s trending now is always hot. Think Yahoo! Trending Now.
5. Wash, rinse, repeat. CONTENT. Fresh. New. Clean. Relevant. SEO CONTENT. Refresh. Repeat.

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