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Developing a Direct Mail Campaign

Marketing your business can take many paths. You may advertise in newspapers, magazines, on billboards, or any number of venues. One of the most lucrative ways to make your company stand out is by implementing a direct mail campaign. Properly planned, a direct mail campaign will increase revenue, introduce your business to new customers, and cause your existing clients to return.

Deciding your demographic is a very important step. Design your mailing to attract your target audience. It would be fruitless to send your mailing to a landscape business if your product is targeted to the medical profession. Use your current customer base to begin your mailing list. If your business is relatively new and you are in need of a mailing list, there are many companies from which you may purchase mailing lists. These companies offer lists designed to reach your demographic. Simply answering a few questions about your business, your product, and your intended customer, can result in the perfect mailing list.

Another important aspect in creating the most effective direct mail campaign is what you are offering your customer. The mailing must contain an offer or an incentive for your target audience. Whether you are announcing a sale or offering a promotional gift, your mailing should be the bait that lures your customer into your business. An effective promotion will increase the success of your direct mail campaign.

The final and possibly most important thing to consider when planning a direct mail campaign is the delivery. How many times have you received mail and tossed the envelope without even opening it? If your mail piece is delivered in an envelope, it needs to convey a message on the outside that causes the customer to want to open it. Without an attractive package that conveys an enticing message, your mail piece may end up unread and in the trash.

Mailing your items can be accomplished in several ways. Of course, the post office is always an option; however, you may wish to check with a bulk mail clearing house. It is possible to save money with this method if you have a large number of mail pieces. Whichever method you choose in distributing your mail piece, you will now only need to sit back and relax and wait for the revenue to begin pouring in. If the above instructions are carried out correctly, you will see a noticeable increase in your customers.

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