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How To Embed Instagram Images on Your Website or Blog 2018-03-28T12:48:31+00:00

Embed Instagram images quickly and easily

Finding copyright-free images to use in blog posts or on your website can be tricky. But by embedding Instagram images, you can offer your readers a huge variety of fabulous photographs.

This can be achieved in three simple steps.

Instagram itself has opened up this facility to encourage us to share their images and, as long as you have access to the code of your site, it will take just a couple of minutes to do.

Note: The image on the right is from & used with the permission of the webmaster.

Locate the image on the Instagram website – you’ll probably be working from your own Instagram stream .You’ll see that just below the image, on the right hand side, are three small dots.

Click these and the drop down you see on the right will appear. Choose the option to ‘view photo page’.

2. The page containing the photograph itself will now open in a new window. Once again,you’ll see our three little dotty friends.

One of the options you now have is embed – that’s the one to click.

3. This really couldn’t be easier. This box appears and all you have to do is copy the code. (Note that the button doesn’t always work for me – so I just copy manually).

Now all you have to do is paste the code into the HTML of your webpage or blog where you’d like it to appear.

4. And here it is on the website. The user name and the Instagram logo are clickable so the person whose photograph you’re using gets a handy link.

He or she retains copyright and has the benefit of showing their work to an even wider audience.

Win-win 🙂