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How to Manage Booking and Reservations in Magento


Magento Booking and Reservations system can be utilized for businesses such as Hotels, car rentals, appointment scheduling, Saloons, travel agents & Gyms etc. Infact this open source reservation system supports any online bookable product/service. If you are not using Magento or you have just started on with it, believe it or not, Magento offers comprehensive set of features to build such module. The positive side of these Magento Modules is the modular nature which makes them plug-n-play & easy to troubleshoot.

When you install Magento Booking Module, you are actually seamlessly integrating the benefits of Magento + this plugin. The built-in benefits of Magento such as coupons, discount rules, user management, inventory ma management, user groups, website security, SEO and many more gives you a real power to drive your online store perfectly.

Magento Bookings and Reservations Module

Download Magento Rental Extension First. Before we go further let us see what benefits this extension offer;
Key Benefits:

  • Allows you to create bookable products and services easily from Magento catalog.
  • Mark any product as bookable from new “Booking & Reservation Tab” which is automatically created for each product after this plugin is installed.
  • Allows you to configure time slots for weekdays. Set your timings such as off period, breaks etc.
  • Buffer time period feature is integrated into this Magento Car and Hotel rental extension. This is a short time interval after any service finishes which keeps your scheduling on a right track.
  • Tier pricing is supported, make bundle offers and display on your product/services page e.g. 30 mins Gym service is charged for $100 and if any customer books for 1 hour then instead of $200 you can charge him $170 and so on.
  • Set Magento booking cancel elation time period
  • Enable home based service and their charges accordingly. You can mark any service as home based and add extra fee for it.
  • Magento Booking Calendar is integrated. This calendar is customizable, such as its style, color scheme, how many reservations it should show up on each day.
  • Magento Staff management module is included. Create and manage staff members such as their availability, avatars & profiles.
  • Customers can select a staff member while booking for any service. Magento admin user can switch any service to another staff member.
  • Chron Job is supported
  • All reservations are automatically emailed to admin and a dashboard also provides a wonderful view to manage them.

Create and Configure Bookable Products/Services

This addon creates a new tab for each product. Here are the steps to find and configure it;

  • Login to Admin Panel
  • Navigate to Catalog – > Manage Products
  • Click on any product such as Massage, appointment etc. and on the left column you will find a tab named as “Booking & Reservation”. From this section you can manage following;
  • Mark that product as bookable, customers will then be able to use booking & reservation for this product
  • Enter working hours for weekdays
  • Enter tier pricing/bundle packages information. If you offering discounted price in case of booking for multiple hours then enter it here.
  • Enter buffer time period (as described above)
  • Enter booking cancellation time period
  • Select service type such as home based or in-office

By following above mentioned steps you have configured your bookable products/services in a right manner. Next you can add staff member’s availability to these products. For services such as massage, therapy, saloon etc. customers can select their desired staff member before visiting the facility/office. For this purpose, this Magento reservation plugin includes a module for staff management. Let us see what this module offers to you.

Managing Magento Booking Calendar

  • Login to admin panel and navigate to FME -> Booking and Reservation -> Configuration
  • Enter calendar height and width
  • Choose appropriate color scheme for background, border, fonts, head section, weekdays, current day, on mouse over, selected and past day.

And there you are, you have now configured an elegant Magento booking calendar view for your customers. They can view reservations in list view, grid and calendar view.

Now you website is fully integrated with Magento Booking and reservation module. You have configured products, pricing, time slots, staff members, & calendar view. The last thing you need to do is to monitor all reservations. This addon offers this feature as well, login to admin panel and navigate to FME -> Booking and Reservation -> Manage bookings. This section contains all reservations completed so far. Also by configuring Chron job, admin user gets all alerts in an email.

To see live demonstration, click on below mentioned link.

Managing Staff Members

Follow these steps to configure your staff members properly;

  • Login to admin panel and navigate to FME -> Booking and Reservation -> Manage Staff Members
  • In this section you can add staff member’s information, availability and monitor his/her reservations.
  • ADD Staff member information such as name, age, profession, Avatar, and email address. You can assign him any other service from this section.
  • Add members availability such as start time and end time
  • Monitor all reservations against that member from “Member bookings” tab.

By following these steps you have configured your staff members and customer can now select their desired person while booking for any service. The avatar feature offers stylish display of staff persons on product pages.

Another interesting feature this Magento Bookings Extension includes is the calendar view. Customers can view reservations & available time slots in a calendar view. You can customize this calendar by following below mentioned steps.

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