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List of Best Search Engines – 5 Top Search Engines to Fit Your Needs

Looking for a list of best search engines? With so many search engines available and considering personal preferences, the best search engines are hard to determine. So, what makes a good search engine?

Good search engines are those that give you relevant information, are uncluttered, and intuitive, giving you options to help you expand your search if needed. A search engine that gives you spammy results or information that’s unrelated to what you’re really looking for slows down your search.

Likewise, with cluttered search engines. Cluttered search engines, filled with advertisements, slow you down and make it difficult to even find out how to begin your search.

You also need a search engine that’s intuitive – one that can help give you ideas for further search. Sometimes when you’re looking for information, you can’t quite come up with the right ideas. Intuitive search engines fill in the blanks, so to speak, by offering other search ideas that give you more in-depth information.

Taking these factors into consideration and narrowing the results, below, you’ll find five search engines in random order.

Duck Duck Go – relevant results, completely uncluttered, intuitive. DuckDuckGo gives you the results you’re looking for, offers relevant suggestions at the top of the page and is completely free from the clutter of ads. DuckDuckGo makes the list of best search engines because of these features but also their extensive selection of “goodies”, their user preference settings, and the added bonus – they don’t track your searches!

A standout feature of DuckDuckGo is the fact that it’s click-free. All the searches are on the first page. As you scroll down the page, DuckDuckGo adds more search results so you stay on one page. – Relevant search results, more clutter due to ads, intuitive. One drawback to is that ads are embedded right after the first search result – confusing. gives you the option to search the questions and answers of others as they relate to your search. You may or may not like this feature.

Yahoo! – relevant results, cluttered, intuitive. While Yahoo! gives relevant results and is very helpful when it comes to helping you search, their homepage is cluttered. If you like a clean homepage, you won’t like Yahoo! On the other hand, the “clutter” is current news and top searches mixed with ads. If you like to stay on top of the latest information, you may like it. – relevancy questionable, cluttered, intuitive. The best way to describe is “different”. Their homepage is very cluttered but the search bar is easy to find at the top-right of the page. Although cluttered, the homepage does contain interesting information and is attractively laid out into categories.

Once you search, you get a very cluttered page filled with ads. The search results are relevant – to a point giving you deeper and more varied information that you don’t get from the other search engines. If you’re searching and looking for a “different angle” on your topic, is the search engine for you. scores high on intuitiveness because of the varied search results it returns. You get Mahalo’s searches, farther down the page you get the typical results from Google and Bing. You also get images, products, question and answers, and videos. – uncluttered, relevant, intuitive. is known for its “clean” homepage, however; once you get to your search page, you have the usual ads to deal with. Most people have become very good at ignoring all the ads and focus on the top-ten searches per page. Google is known for and prides itself on its relevant search results and are constantly working on algorithms to improve on relevancy.

Google also gets high scores for intuitiveness. As you type in your search query, it gives you a drop-down of suggestions related to your search. To take it a step further, you can use the “wonder wheel” tool in the left-hand sidebar. This gives you suggestions for related searches.

With Google, you also have the choice of searching videos, images, news, and shopping results by clicking on the lists in the top-left area of the page.

The List of Best Search Engines

The list of best search engines could go on forever. Which search engine you decide upon is strictly determined by personal preference. Try the five listed above for some of the best results for relevancy, clean interfaces, and intuitiveness. You’ll be sure to find the one that works best for your purposes.

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