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Logo: A Brand’s Identity 2018-03-29T13:04:05+00:00

Logo: A Brand’s Identity

What is a logo? Individuals and organizations use a graphic mark or emblem on their websites, visiting cards, advertisements and other marketing tools to aid instant public recognition. A logo is a big part of the company’s identity. It can contain the following three elements: text, color and symbolic representation.

Every element plays a vital role because it usually stands for the company’s beliefs. For example McDonald’s logo is in bright color (red and yellow) because its main target audience is children. A good logo should be eye-catching; it should fit the company’s image, product and services. It should help customer identify the particular brand.

Most companies don’t realize the importance of a logo. A logo is the first thing an entrepreneur needs when he of she is starting a company. To design a perfect logo, it is better to hire a logo designer. Why? Most entrepreneurs don’t know how to form a graphical representation of what their companies represent. A logo designer can help an entrepreneur come up with logos that match his/her company’s image.

A logo should be distinct. Most entrepreneurs don’t have artistic abilities. Therefore, they are not able to design logos that have all the ingredients of a good logo.
Here some ingredients that a “good” logo should contain:

1) A logo should be unique and aesthetically pleasing yet represent the company’s belief. Take Starbucks’ logo for example. It is unique yet it manages to make a good coffee’s logo. It looks great on Starbucks’ mugs.

2) A logo should be timeless because you want your loyal customers to identify your new product or service through your logo. Plus, no company wants to keep hiring a designer to change the logo over a period of time.

3) A logo should make a lasting impression. No company wants to have a boring logo that fails to attract potential customers. Every organization wants to be represented by an outstanding logo that makes it easier for a customer to remember it.

4) A logo should always be versatile. A logo designer must always design a versatile logo because companies should be able to print the logo everywhere without any problem. Therefore, a logo shouldn’t contain anything offensive, illegal, of discriminating. A logo designer can help you eliminates element that might hurt the company’s image.

5) Lastly, a logo should match the company’s personality. The best logo designer can help you come up with a logo that fits your company’s brand image.