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Real Secrets of Internet Marketing

secretInternet marketing is big business and there are many people making money and keeping real secrets of web traffic. Of course the ?Gurus? of internet marketing will always keep their traffic driving methods quiet unless they are trying to profit from their ideas. Personally I don’t have a problem with the secrecy but even with that some of these guys still don’t provide all of the information in order for you to become successful when you buy their products. It took a lot of research for me to learn the ?tricks of the trade? and uncover some of the real secrets of internet marketing and web traffic.

Quality Content to Drive Traffic

contentIf you have been around internet marketing for a while you have heard the saying, “Content Is King.” Well I have news for you; it’s a correct statement ONLY if you are trying to rank your website with the search engines. If you have a website then of course you need quality content for your articles, press releases, blog posts, etc. to drive traffic from the search engines.

If you are a marketer who is more focused on paid advertisements to drive traffic to your website then you probably are not going to care much about quality content. When you are driving traffic using methods like Facebook advertisements, why would you care about quality content to rank for the search engines

Using Outside Email Lists to Get Web Traffic

adsOne of the biggest secrets to drive web traffic in internet marketing is by using outside email lists or Solo Ads. These are targeted email lists in which the owner of the list will endorse your offer for his list of prospects before sending it to them. Solo Ads are very effective when used properly and they convert sales effectively.

Before using Solo Ads be sure to use a reputable broker and know your target audience. There are some very reliable lists companies that will give first time purchasers discounts so all you have to do is let them know. Do your research and gather as much information as possible before you make a conscious decision to purchase any email lists to get web traffic.

Social Bookmarking Sites for More Traffic

socialsThere are hundreds of social bookmarking sites that any internet marketer can use to get more web traffic. These sites will get you a link back to your website as well and help with your search engine rankings. You must use the top social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, etc. because these sites have huge daily visitors that will read your content and visit your site.

Find out the Page Rank of each social bookmarking site and only use the ones with the highest rankings. When you use social bookmarking it sends “social signals” to the search engines and has a very good impact on where he may rank on Google. Social bookmarking sites are a secret of internet marketing to gain more web exposure and hence traffic to your website.

Are There More Secrets of Internet Marketing To Gain More Web Traffic?

socialsSure there are more secrets to gain more web traffic in the world of internet marketing! The way I view it is quite simple: there has been many ways to make money in several industries for many years. You can’t expect everyone to share all of their secrets on anything. Human nature always takes over along with greed for a few people. That’s just the way it is and you have to know and accept that truth about the secrets of internet marketing and web traffic.

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