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Search Engine Optimization – Common Mistakes

SEOInternet has become indispensable part of our lives. Everyday millions of people access to it for information, education, entertainment, gaming and business etc. Online presence for any person be he or she is a student, housewife, professional or any businessman is a necessity today. This technological inclination of millions of people is a good opportunity for every businessman to exploit. Deal is to choose online marketing for your products along with other marketing tools like newspaper, television or radio etc to gain more visibility and in turn grow and expand your business.

But fruitful results are only possible if very carefully you chalk down your online marketing strategies. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one technique that can be used to market your products online. SEO helps in increasing traffic to your site, visibility of your products and overall ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and MSN.

It basically involves optimization of the code of your web portal along with more of keyword usage and relevant content development which would promote your website on the first pages of various search engines.

Generally people tell you how to effectively use search engine optimization to gain maximum good results. But here in my blog I would share with you NOT to do things that often businessmen do and then complain about the failure of whole SEO process.

Irrelevant content

The job of Search Engines is to move deeper into the World Wide Web and index the information. Search Engines are kind of robots that work in three steps- Web crawling, indexing and finally searching. Whenever a user enters a query in search engine usually in form of a keyword, then search engine if reaches your website by following the links on the sites, it then compares the information to the information on all related links. If your content is irrelevant and links to all other websites having again irrelevant information, it will block your site and will not return to it for a long time. So it is very necessary in first step to have relevant information in your website.

Coding errors

If your website is not following World Wide Web standards of coding, then also search engines fail to trace you. At any cost coding errors should not be there. Be careful in use of tags, meta tags, heading tags and html coding etc.

Wrong or absence of Keywords

Make a successful keyword strategy which focuses the user on your site’s specific content. An important factor for the success of a website is its organic rankings. To be ranked high on search engines use certain business specific keywords to find the potential customers of any business.

If you follow all search engine optimisation techniques intelligently, even a single or just few pages website will draw attention of the target user than a multiple pages website with irrelevant content, lack of correct keywords and full of coding errors. Remember even an expert can do errors, so list down mistakes that you have already done and improvise on them.

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