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The Other Search Engines

Search engines are an integral part of the online experience. They are the way all of the cool online news, entertainment, tips, and opportunities that the internet has to offer are found. Most people are familiar with the major search engines, such as Google, MSN, Bing, and, of course, Yahoo!, but what about the other search engines? The truth is that there are millions of search engines online, if not more.

Yahoo! and Google are some of my favorite search engines, but search should not be limited to only these giants. Many of the major search engines sponsor smaller, more specified search engines that allow the user to find a greater number of resources covering the topic that they are researching. Yahoo! Voices is a good example of one of these other search engines. Sure, it is powered by Yahoo! and yes, there are a wide variety of topics covered on Yahoo! Voices, but it is a specified search. Users who search Yahoo! Voices are looking specifically for the information presented by Yahoo! contributors. If they wanted content presented by some other writer, they would be searching elsewhere.

Still, the other search engines are not limited to just those found on a specific site. Most major sites have their own search boxes, which allow visitors to search all of the content on their site or network. These site search engines could be considered specialized search engines, as they search specific sites, but there are more ‘other’ search engines that stand up on their own. These search engines are usually limited to a targeted niche or industry. Their limitation only translates into benefits for the user because they get more of what they are looking for and less of what they do not want to see.

Using the other search engines can help to improve your search, both in quality and in efficiency. On Google, Yahoo! and all of the other major search engines, webmasters fight for top positioning. They actively use tools and techniques like SEO and back linking to ensure that their site comes up in a search. Unfortunately, their site might not quite be what the searcher is looking for. It is not that their site holds unrelated or useless information, but that there might be another site that serves the searcher’s needs best.

The other site might belong to an owner who, while providing some excellent resources, detailed information, or stunningly low prices, is not active in SEO or other techniques to get their site a high ranking. The major search engines might not list their site anywhere near the top of the search results. The searcher is therefore left to wade through pages and pages hoping to find the missing site. On the other search engines, however, that site might make it at least close to the top. Since these search engines are only interested in one topic, they can focus only on those sites and give them better rankings.

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