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Writing for Profit on Facebook

Facebook was for years a private social site, and you had to join, and make friends with people in order to see what they did. Recently, facebook decided to make their business pages public, and now anyone around the world can search for them in a google search, and they’re coming up quite high in the searches. Given the popularity of facebook, it is likely that in the near future there will be more pages from facebook in a given search than any other site. I made the facebook page: Writing for profit, and at the moment, it comes up on the third page in a search on writing for profit, and that’s now, without barely any fans, and little activity happening on it.

Some of the biggest facebook pages for bands, come up higher in a search than the band’s normal website. I did a search on U2, a huge band, and their facebook page comes up on the third page in a search on U2, meaning that it has good potential, given the amount of entries around the world written about U2. My page, writing for profit was originally written just to advertise my articles here on associated content, and on bukisa. But then I realized, I had actually taken the title writing for profit, giving me a unique facebook URL which nobody else could use, and over time, it could grow into a major site in the world of writing, if I could get enough activity on it to push it to the top of a search in writing for profit.

Anyway, I encourage anyone who wants to, to post links to their own articles in a separate discussion topic on Writing for profit and at the very least, this will increase your google rating for having links to your articles, and over time, the site should build to the point where those links will be valuable, as linking from a highly ranked site rubs off on the site you are linking to. Make your own facebook business pages, by all means, but understand that by working together, we can make the one site a lot more valuable as a place to make links from, than many smaller ones.

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